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Neeti Clinic

Neeti Clinic  is very centrally located in Nagpur, near Lokmat Square on Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur.
It is housed in ground floor of A and B wing and 6th floor of B wing of Neeti Gaurav Complex with a total area of 7500 square feet.
Neeti Clinics and Nursing Home is a State of the Art Hospital for Diseases of Ear, Nose, Throat and Cancers of Head and Neck region.
The hospital provides comprehensive care with :
•    Team of highly qualified ENT surgeons led by Dr. Madan Kapre FRCS, DLO
•    Dr. S. N. Luley,
    (M.S.) Ex HOD, ENT, EGGMC
•    Dr. Avinash Deshmukh,
    (M.S, DLO (Lon)
•    Dr. R. B. Deshmukh,
    Endoscopic sinus
    (M.S.DLO) Surgery
•    Dr. Nirmala Thakkar ,
    ENT Surgeon
    (MS - Gold Medal)
•    Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe ,
    Reconstructive & Microvascular Surgery
•    Ultramodern equipment
•    Safe and reliable back up by team of Anesthesiologists led by Dr. Mrs. Vidula Kapre.
•    Pleasant, comfortable and clean ambience
•    State of Art Technology in operation theatre to ensure quality surgical procedures.
•    Ultra modern investigatory equipments housed comfortably in outpatient department for easy access and rapid service.
•    Expert audiological support to facilitate investigating deafness.
•    Sincere hospital staff dedicated to provide personal care and comfort to patients
•    We aim to provide high standards of medical care at an affordable cost.

The vision of the hospital is to provide quality health services in Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck Cancer with Reconstructive Surgeries in a harmonious atmosphere to every section of society especially the under privileged through this hospital, whereby qualities to be ensured to close monitoring, constant feedback from the people and regular CME's for the staff.
Facilities at Neeti Clinics
•    Screening for the hearing ability of newborn children and infants with BERA, Impedance Audiometry and free field audiometry.
•    Routine assessment of hearing with ultramodern Audiology equipment.
•    World Standard Zeiss Microscope with camera and monitor attachment and two way audiovisual facilities to facilitate surgery for ear disorders.
•    Ear surgery for deafness and discharge.
•    Diagnosis, management and advice for patients suffering with vertigo – ENG (Electronystagmography) Eppley’s maneouvre. Advice regarding hearing aids.
•    Cochlear Implant programme.
•    Diagnostic nasal endoscopic procedures with video recording
•    Endoscopic drainage / exenteration of all diseased paranasal sinuses
•    Endoscopic repair fo CSF leak
•    Endoscopic surgery and drainage of lacrimal sac
•    Endoscopic decompression of orbit / optic nerve
•    Evaluation and treatment of nonsurgical sinonasal conditions i.e. Allergy
•    Surgery for snoring and sleep disorders
•    CO2 LASER surgery for
    o    Leukoplakia (White patches) on tongue, cheek
    o    Oral Cancers such as cancers of tongue, cheek
    o    Trismus – reduced mouth opening due to OSMF (Oral Submucous Fibrosis)
•    Microlaryngeal Laser surgery for voice disorders, swellings and tumors of vocal cords
•    UPPP – Laser surgery for snoring
•    Ablation of superficial skin lesions
•    Organ Conservation Laser Surgery for Head and Neck Cancers
•    Diagnostic procedures for early detection of cancers
•    Assessment management, advice and follow-up by joint tumor board of cancer specialists – oncosurgeon, Radiotherapist, Chemotherapist, Reconstructive Surgeon
•    Surgery for cancer of cheek, jaw, tongue, voice box
•    Surgery for thyroid disorders
•    Pain management and Counselling of cancer patients.
•    Skull Base Surgery for Advanced Tumors of Head and Neck\
About the Director

Dr. Madan Kapre FRCS, DLO (London) embarked upon establishing a centre which provides ENT and Head and Neck Surgical facilities of world standard with a personal touch and at an affordable cost. Today's Neeti Clinics is realization of that dream.
Having obtained his training in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at premier institutes in UK like the Royal Hospital Wolverhampton and Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Dr. Madan Kapre owned his skills as Senior Registrar and worked at Sheffield, Nottingham and Leicestershire. He obtained the Diploma and later Fellowship of Royal College of surgeons. He rose through the training posts to become Consultant ENT surgeon at Trent Regional Health Authority, U.K. He relinquished these posts and returned to India in order to create a good centre for ENT and Head and Neck Surgery at Nagpur, his hometown where he belongs. Teacher within him did not yearn for formal opportunities but created his own and acquired a status to be amongst the top of the teachers in the field of Otolaryngology in general and Head and Neck surgery in particular.
Over the last 20 years he has succeeded in creating such a centre "Neeti Clinics" where there is

•    Stress on ultramodern technology for better patient care. State of Art equipments to improve quality of surgery with latest equipments.
•    Team approach to provide the best possible skills to patients in all aspects of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
•    Regular academic activities to update knowledge, keep abreast with latest techniques and training of junior ENT surgeons.
•    Library facilities with exhaustive collections of books and journals, internet facility and online subscription with international journals.
•    Pleasant and comfortable ambience for patients in OPD and ward for both, the rich and the poor.
•    Good, polite and humane approach for boosting patients' morale.
•    Surgical camps for the service to poor tribal patients fulfilling social obligation.
•    Regular motivational and group activities to create family spirit and looking after welfare of staff members.
All this has helped putting Neeti Clinics on the map of Central India as a premier ENT And Head and Neck Surgical Institution and has gone a long way in realizing the motto.