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Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences

As mythology would have it Asclepius (Greek God of Medicine with the physician’s staff) was married to Epione, with whom he had six daughters: Hygieia, Meditrina, Panacea, Aceso, Iaso, and Aglaea, and three sons. The names of his daughters each rather transparently reflect a certain subset of the overall theme of "good health". All the daughters of Asclepius, for instance Meditrina (the healer in roman), Hygeia (hygiene) and Panacea (universal remedy) and so on were symbols of medicine, hygiene and healing (literally, "good health and healing"). Asclepius’ disciple Hippocrates was the first human healer in Greek mythology. All the physicians take the Hippocrates oath before endeavouring as a healer.
Harbouring a similar endeavour, Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences”- a multidisciplinary Superspeciality hospital in Central India took shape after Meditrina – Goddess of healing. Meditrina Institute of Medical Sciences symbolizes a state of the art, seamless, high quality care and globally comparable infrastructure.
Advance Technologies
•    FIRST IN ASIA Leica F-50 Neuro Operating Microscope with ICG capability.
•    First time in Central India Codman ICP Monitoring System to provide accurate measurements of intracranial pressure at the source-subdural, parenchymal or intraventricular levels.
•    First time in central India Computer Assisted Brain & Spine surgery with state of the art Stryker Navigation system with intra-operative microscopic integration & Fluoroscopic integration.
•    First hospital in Central India to deploy the use of latest Stryker Sonopet Cavitron Ultra Sonic Surgical Aspirator for difficult brain tumour procedures, and Bone CUSA from Stryker for Spine surgery procedures. Computer assisted TKR from Stryker Navigation Systems. 2 Phillips 100 RHF C-arm with intra-operative DSA facility. Intra-operative neurosonogram (GE-Vivid E System). Adjoining twin Operating rooms with pass-box for organ transplant.
•    60 bedded state of the art patient centered ICU. First time in Central India – 30 bedded, three separate ICU’s with air handling unit (13 air changes per hour with 5 Micron bacterial filters) having bio-room concept to reduce hospital acquired infections. First fully integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) with PACS (Picture archiving and communication system).
•    Four modern modular Operation Theatres having actual WHO standards class 100 planum Air Flow System with Mindray motorized pendants meeting International Standards along with 1 dedicated Endoscopic Suite. Air handling system having a capacity of 50 air changes per hour with 0.3 micron HEPA filters.
•    Mobile ICCU - dedicated cardiac ambulance and 24 hours Meditrina Emergency Line +91 712 6669666 & +919552552152.
•    Latest Dialysis machines for advanced Renal Care. State of the art Diagnostic facility comprising of 1.5 Tesla 16 channel MRI with functional imaging, cardiac MRI and brain fibre tractography,
•    EEG and EMG system, dual slice CT scanner (GE Medical). Non invasive cardiac unit with 3 – USG / ECHO / Doppler Machines and Cardiac MRI with referral pathology laboratory.
•    Advanced patients safety (emergency alarm) systems with state of the art fire alarm and sprinkler system across the hospital with ETP (Effluent treatment plant) affirming to all statutory requirements.
•    Advanced cardiac / stroke ICU with adjacent state of the art Phillips Flat Panel Cathlab (FD-10) with stent boost facility to reduce response time in primary heart care & brain arterial thrombolysis.

Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Nagpur Specialities:
Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Nagpur has catered to the entire spectrum of Medical Care. Functional Surgeries or Cosmetic Surgeries, Health & Diet Consultations, Health Check-Ups & Fitness Camps, Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Nagpur, India has always tried to make people healthier. It is the core of our belief, which we keep living everyday & will keep on doing so.
With the deployment of state of the art technology, infrastructure, and doyens from the medical field, Meditrina Institute Of Medical Sciences, Nagpur possesses distinction in dealing with specialities in the following areas of Superspeciality Services.
Core Services
1.    Neurosciences
2.    Cardiac Sciences
3.    Reconstructive Spine Surgery
4.    Bone & Joint Replacement
5.    Neurophysiology
6.    ICU with critical care medicine
7.    Hepatology & Medical Gastroenterology
8.    High end Oncology and Oncosurgery
9.    Minimal Access Surgery & Bariatric Surgery
10.    Urology and Nephrology
11.    Other Specialities
Suplementary Services
1.    Traumacare
2.    Interventional Radiology
3.    EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
4.    ENT
5.    Dermatology
6.    Ophthalmology
7.    Dentistry
8.    Paediatrics
9.    Chest Medicine
10.    Gynaecology and Infertility
11.    Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
12.    Pulmonology
13.    Rheumatology
14.    Other Specialities
Diagnostic Services
1.    Neurophysiology
2.    Radiodiagnostics
3.    Pathology / Microbiology
4.    Blood Banking
5.    Integrated pharmacy
6.    Other Specialities.