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Keshav hospital

Posted On: 07-NOV-2014

Keshav hospital with the latest technologies, multi-disciplinary capabilities, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care, ambience and processes, is poised to become the most advanced and progressive healthcare institute in this part of the Nagpur. We have a team of well qualified, highly committed professionals to head our specialty division, supported by a group of dedicated paramedical staff. Our well-equipped 35 bedded hospital, treatment facilities with technologically advanced equipment and systems are all backed by the expertise and reputation of the Hospital's consultants, resident doctors, nurses and paramedics.
Keshav Hospital is a unit of Laxmikeshav research Centre & Hospital Pvt.Ltd. Nagpur.
The Hospital was started in August 2009 by the Directors & Promoters of the company Mr.Nitin Keshav Husukale, Dr.Ravindra Keshav Husukale, Mr.Dinesh Keshav Husukale
The Hospital prides itself on offering Qualitative Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Out Patient Department (O.P.D), In Patient Department, Two Operation Theatres, Separate Labor Room, a well equipped Diagnostic Center and In-house Pharmacy etc
All kinds of Surgical, Diagnostic & Clinical facilities are available. Additional facilities such as Resuscitation, Trauma Management, and Poison Management & Life support. We ensure that quality healthcare is available to everyone who comes to us.
Keshav hospital is equipped with all the amenities for diverse treatment procedures. The patients can be assured of reliable and complete care through highly qualified staff. The following are the extensive range of specialties departments in our hospital.
Available Services
  • •    E.C.G
  • •    Critical Care Unit
  • •    Ventilators
  • •    Ultrasonography
  • •    Anticancer Chemotherapy
  • •    C-Arm
  • •    T.M.T
  • •    Vaccination Clinic
  • •    Mobile X-Ray
  • •    Computerized Laboratory
  • •    Neonatal ICU
  • •    Operating Microscope
  • •    Pacemaker Implantation
  • •    Fiberoptics-Broncoscopy
  • •    Gastroenterology-Endoscopy, E.R.C.P.
  • •    Poisoning, Overdoses Management & Snake Bites
  • •    Lithotripsy
The Hospital has a modern and spacious O.P.D with senior consultants available from morning to evening. Their availability ensures expert advice with minimal waiting time. This also gives increased choice to patients for getting advice from other specialist doctors.
Diagnostic Center
Our Diagnostic center comprises of well equipped pathology, microbiology laboratory, bio-chemistry, X-Ray 100mA, Ultrasound, Computerized T.M.T Machine, E.C.G, Vaccination Center and Dental Clinic all in the same building.
We believe for any management of a patient, thorough diagnosis is a first step and there are no short cut solutions to any problem.
We offer a multi disciplinary integrated approach which enables top provide the best service to our patients.
We truly believe the world is our extended family - something our patients can warmly affirm.
The staff being computer literates enable us to deliver results at a faster pace. The availability of state-of-the-art equipments and trained staff, dedicated nurses, attendants and doctors vouch for the importance attached to each patient.
Critical Care Unit
Keshav Hospital is 8 bedded known for its uniqueness.
State of the art critical care unit which has -
Team of expert critical care physicians, Intensivist and trained Nursing staff.
•    One-to-one patient nurse ratio.
•    Fowlers beds for better pt. care and comfort Dragger Savina and Evita-4 ventilators to step forward with latest ventilation technology
•    Infusion pumps and syringe pumps for accuracy in our patient care.
•    Centralized oxygen provision
•    Centralized suction provision
•    Bedside Multipart monitors with each bed for keeping patients under 24x7 vigilance.
•    Centralized monitoring system for expert vision.
•    BLS trained paramedical staff.
•    Defibrillator to reunite critical links of life.
•    Strict Aseptic protocols.
•    Trained physiotherapist for excellent results.
•    Expert Dieticians for early recovery and better post-Hospitalization results.
•    Bedside X-ray, USG, 2D-Echo and Colour Doppler facility.
•    24 Hrs. Pathology service for instantaneous and directed treatment.
Pediatrics Services Available
•    Consultation
•    Immunization
•    Developmental Assessment
•    Health Counseling
•    Advice on Child Nutrition
•    Nebulization therapy, Asthma & Allergy
•    Phototherapy Unit
•    Ventilator Facility
•    Pediatric Surgery
•    Genetic Counseling
•    NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit )
•    PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit )
Neonatal unit equipped with open care Radiant warmers, phototherapy, Multipara Monitors, Centralized Oxygen and trained staff, round the clock intensive coverage for mother and child care.