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Columbia Cancer Hospital

Posted On: 07-NOV-2014
Columbia Cancer Hospital not only provides All types of cancer surgeries but also expertize in Advanced Chemotherapy, Blood cancer Tratment, Endoscopy- Gastroscopy, Paediatric Emegencies. The hospital is well eqipped with facilites like ICU, Trauma Care Centre, Ventilators/ Multipara Monitors, Central Oxygen & Suction, ECG, TMT, 2D-ECHO, PFT, EEG, Advance neuro Surgery Department, State-of Art Opereation Theatres. Columbia Hospital is situated in heart of the city so its easy to reach there during emergencies.
It has various Departments like,
Department of Oncology:
The department is specialized for all types of cancer surgicles i.e Head & Neck cancer, Breast cancer, Thorasic cancer, Gastrointestinal Tumor, Gynecological Cancer, Bone & Soft tissue tumor etc.
Department of Critical Care Medicines:
A 10 bed unit equipped to respond immediately for life saving procedure in cases of trauma road side accident, COMA, mishaps poisoning, Brain hemorrhage, respiratory failure due to cause like severe responsive asthma, cardiac failure, Spinal injury etc.
Department of Trauma Care:
A well-equipped trauma care unit, which can attend emergencies of all kinds. A trained experienced casualty medical officer is on call 24 hours with this department.
Department of Neuro Surgery & Reconstructive Spinal Surgery:
This department is routinely and successfully dealing with difficult brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, pediatric Neurosurgery, Degenerative spinal disorders congenital disorder.
Department of Burn Injuries:
The hospital has an efficient burn unit, in which the patient’s are kept totally in sterilized environment in isolation ward.
Department of GI Surgery: The department is manned by eminent surgeon who are trained in India as well as abroad. Procedures are carried out routinely and have an excellent result. Surgeries are carried out with advanced Laparoscopic methods.
Department of Orthopedics, Arthroscopy. Joint replacement Surgery:
This department is backed up by expert Orthopedic surgeon & Trauma managing staff for critically ill poly trauma patients.
Department of Hemodialysis & Urology:
This hospital has a modern state of art haemodialysis unit having latest computerized haemodialysis machines giving round the clock dialysis services. In this unit trained dialysis technicians & staff nurse looks after the patients under the guidance of Nephrologists. In Urology department we are performing procedure like PCNL, TURP, pediatric urology etc.
Department of Gastroentrology:
This department is managed by expert gastroenterologists diagnostic & Therapeutic procedure are carried out routinely viz; upper GI endoscopies and sigmoidoscopy, Endoscopic management of pancreaticobiliary, hepatic and esophagal disorders.
Department of Plastic Surgery:
This department is headed by senior & efficient plastic surgeon. Congenital deformities are routinely treated in this department.
Department of Radiology:
Hospital has one of the best equipped radiology unit in Nagpur manned by an experienced and dynamic team.
Department of Pathology:
We have 24 hours services of pathology to carry out all the investigations which are helpful for the treatment of the patient.
 Facilities :
  •      All Types of Cancer Surgeries
  •      Advanced Chemotherapy
  •      Blood cancer Tratment
  •     All Gynecological Emergency/Routine procedure
  •      ICU (Well Equipped)
  •     Trauma Care Centre (Accidents & Fractures)
  •      Ventilators/ Multipara Monitors
  •      Central Oxygen & Suction Facility
  •      ECG, TMT, 2D-ECHO, PFT, EEG Facility.
  •      Endoscopy- Gastroscopy
  •      Paediatric Emegencies
  •      State-of Art Opereation Theatres
  •     Advance neuro Surgery Department
  •      Genito-Urinary surgery
  •      General surgery, Laparoscopic surgery
  •      Dialysis
  •      Burn Injuries
  •      Radiology 24hrs.
  •      Pathology 24 hrs.
  •      Pharmacy 24 hrs.
  •      24 hrs. Ambulance service
  •      Centrally air cooled
  •      Well trained Doctors & Staff.
About the Director

Dr. Praveen Gantawar
M.B.B.S., MS, M.Ch (Surgical Oncology)
TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Dr.Praveen Gantawar son of Shree Madhukarji Gantawar,Retired civil engineer[Chandrapur] has honored with MBBS.,MS(Gen.Surg.) from Govt.Medical Collage,Nagpur.in 1995 &1999 respectively.In the year 1999-2000 he has given his services as a lecturer in Neuro Surgery Department in super specialty Hospital,Nagpur.Also he achieved 3rd merit position in India for MCH entrance exam in the year 2000.
He has given his expert services in Neuro Surgery Department in K.E.M.Hospital in Mumbai,after that he got admitled in India’s No.1 & Worlds No.4 ‘Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital’ Mumbai.During that time he has rendered his services from year 2001-2004. Simultaneously he was attached with MD Anderson Cancer Institute, Houston and Memorial Sloan Katring Cancer Centre (MSKCC), Texas. In the year 2004 he honored with Mch in cancer surgery (Surgical Oncology) from Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital,Mumbai.